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Come to Rocky Point ~ Explore Arizona's Beach

In just a short 3.5 hour drive from Phoenix or Tucson your going to find Arizona's Beach. Pure heaven, secret little fishing town on the Sea of Cortez. The perfect place to escape the everyday, reconnect with family and friends.

Our family just spent a week in a Luxury Beach front Condo, it was a pleasure to watch children of all ages having fun in the crystal clear water on Sandy Beach. The weather was perfect, in the 80's with the sea breeze blowing, while it was around 109 in Phoenix.

As I sat under the Palapa, watching the tide roll in their were lots of happy beach lovers everywhere. I was very happy to see so many people on the beach, seems we are all a little tired of the mass media scare that keeps so many of you away from Rock Point.

Some of us know and understand it is just that media hype, so take a look at what USA Today quotes, “The analysis found that rates of violent crime along the U.S.-Mexico border have been falling for years" — For this story, USA TODAY studied crime trends along the U.S.-Mexico border, using data reported to the FBI from city and county police agencies in the four border states — California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.

It found that violent crime rates were on average lower in cities within 30, 50 and 100 miles of the border — the distances used to fit various definitions of the "border region." Statisticians interviewed by USA TODAY confirmed the results.

And if that is not enough for you take a look at at what I saw on Sandy Beach while watching the tide roll in! Then pack up the car and head for the beach! The weather is awesome, the sky is always blue, and the water is just amaizing!

The public's realization that Rocky Point is still a safe and fun place to visit, it bring lots of you back to the Beach. Rumors (good ones) are floating around that we are done listening to the bad and false media hype and there is an excitement in the air so come to Rocky Point.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Have you heard of the great new things happening in Rocky Point ?

The Mexican govenment and the private sector are making important strides to ensure Puerto Penasco's success as both a national and international destination. Puerto Penasco is a very strategic point for the entire region of the Sea of Cortez in the area of tourism. It already has the necessary connectivity in order to continue it's tourism growth, with the Sea of Cortez Airport, the new coastal highway and proximity to the largest global market, the United States. Everything is coming together, and Puerto Penasco is sure to be one of Mexico's star tourist destinations

*The renovations of the Old Port are coming along beautifully, giving Old Port a whole new look. They have added new street lights, new sidewalks, landscaping and the businesses have all been given a new front façade. The benefits off all this hard work will be evident as all telephone, electrical and fiber optics will all be underground throughout this section of town

*The new mall in town near Old Port is expected to be complete later this year, and will include 6 movie theaters, restaurants and upscale shopping

*The new coastal highway has been a great success since opening up, giving California tourists direct access to Rocky Point. It is now only a 5.5. hour drive to San Diego. We have seen alot more Californians coming, and they are utterly amazed at the prices on beachfront real estate. Check out all my beachfront condo deals at

*The Sea of Cortez International airport is serving like a launching pad and bringing in tourism from near and far. Fernando Antillon, Director of the Sea of Cortez Airport, has mentioned future plans for growth. Airlines are exploring the possibility of beginning flights to the area from the cities of Los Angeles, and Phoenix. They would first start off with charters, that will eventually lead to commercial flights. It is a fair estimation that within a two to three year period we could be recieving visitors flying from the United States on commercial flights, along with all the benefits this will bring.

The Sea of Cortez International Airport aerial tourism to Puerto Penasco continues to grow, proof of which is reflected in additional charter flights to the area from spots including Queretario, and Tijuana, Baja California. On October 29th both flights made their first arrival in Puerto Penasco. These are to continue throughout the year with arrrivals at least twice per week. The central Mexican city of Queretaro represents a strong potential market, with 21 million residents

*Holland American and Carnival Cruise Lines have future plans to add Rocky Point as a port destination bringing in visitors from all over the world

*Donald Trump Jr., son of real estate magnate Don Trump recently visited Rocky Point in December. He was here scoping out the Rocky Point area for sites for future projects (yes, projects, plural). He express a great interest in investing in Rocky Point.

*A huge new store, which is prominent throughout Mexico, named Bodega Aurrera , is projected to be completed by September 2011 . This company is owned by Walmart, and will be a major convenience for both tourists and the locals of Rocky Point ....and you know what comes after Walmart right....Sam's Club is sure to follow

*Another new addition, and one that is very important for the tourism sector, Federal Secretary of Tourism Gloria Guevara Manzo recently visited the area and gave a press conference in regards to the construction of a convention center that is sure to boost this area even more. Puerto Penasco is truly grateful to be chosen, given that the more we have to offer to different types of tourism in the region, the more visitors we will have throughout the year.

The Penasco Convention Center will include a convention hall with a capacity for up to 3,000 people, a conference room, museum, a game room, lobby with exhibition hall and an open air auditorium with seating capacity for up to 1,200 people. The site is planned for the old airport area, just as you come into town.



Is Rocky Point Safe?

It is critical to understand that Mexico violence is over 95% confined to the three transshipping cities of Tijuana, Juarez and Nogales. The Mexico government is so serious about fighing this that they have committed over 30,000 soldiers to these border towns. It is equally important to understand that Rocky Point is literally hundreds, and even thousands miles away from these problemed areas.

Rocky Point remains a very safe tourist destination, that has been affected by the misleading media scares.

According to the US State Department, 50,000 Americans visit Mexico each day. Statistics show that Mexico is the second safest country in the world for US citizens to visit. This means Mexico is safer than Italy, Frances, Germany, Spain and UK for American tourists

FBI statistics show that no city in Mexico has as high of violent crime rate as New Orleans, Chicago or Las Vegas. The Mexico City with the highest crime rate is Tijuana, which has the same crime rate equivalent to Philadelphia, PA.

Is there corruption in Mexico - Yes.

Is there equal amount of corruption related to the drug business in the United States - Yes

The drug business is a 300 billion dollar a year industry. Let's look at the reality of the massive drug and corruption problem. U.S Secretary Hillary Clinton was clear in her honest assestment of the problem. "Our insatiable demand for illegal drugs fuels the drug trade"

Fox News continues to scare people with its focus on kidnappings and beheadings. Yes, there has been this type of crime in Mexico, the concentration of kidnappings has been in Mexico City, and the three aforementioned cities of Nogales, Juarez and Nogales among the very wealthy or cartel related. With the exception on Mexico City, the number one city for kidnappings among NAFTA countries is Phoenix Arizona, with over 359 kidnappings in 2008.

These same new sources have misled the public as to the real danger of the swine flu in Mexico and temporarily devastated the tourism industry throughout the whole country of Mexico, even though there were more reports of swine flu cases in the United States than in Mexico.

It is my personal assessment that the crime in the United States across the board is very random. Victims of all ages are affected. The US News report daily a wide variety of crime reported from all ages, young and old. Everyone from small children being abducted and raped to home invasions are widespread, the crime in Mexico is more targeted to the drug cartel business, and no tourist have been involved. Therefore, if you are not in the drug cartel business, then you can consider yourself very safe in Mexico

Rocky Point remains to be a safe destination for you to come relax and enjoy. Tourist that come here, and see for themselves that Rocky Point is a safe, have been returning back for years. Please don't let the media scare you from coming and enjoying the best of Rocky Point.

Ray Ramirez
Sonoran Resort Sales

Come to Rocky Point, book your stay today!

Swimming, snorkeling, SCUBA diving, water skiing, para sailing and other water sports can be enjoyed virtually all year long, not to mention the wonderful fishing. Shopping abounds and the cuisine is unrivalled anywhere in Mexico.

Check out up coming events in Rocky Point!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Come to Rocky Point and enjoy the the Beach!

Mexico: Some facts not in the news
If Facts Don't Lie, is Mexico Safer than the U.S.?

March 1, 2011 | by HS News Staff

Our government and the U.S. media have convinced most Americans that Mexico is not a safe place to visit as drug traffickers are fighting it out to see which gang will have the right to sell their illicit drugs to the very group that will not be visiting Mexico. They will have to wait until they return from Easter break to get their Mexican smuggled drugs at home.

But what really struck me was that the preferred country to visit this Easter break in lieu of Mexico is the Dominican Republic. It struck me because the Dominican Republic is rated as the number one country with the highest propensity for crime in the world. According to facts gathered by, their total crime per 1,000 residents (per capita) is 113.822 -Compared to the U.S. that is 8th in the world in total crimes at 80.0645 per 1000 residents, making chances of being a victim of a crime in the Dominican republic better than 10%, and slightly less than an 8% chance of being a victim in the U.S.

But here is the real clunker - Mexico, the country our government tells us not to visit and the media has a field day reporting any crime be it significant or not to further put the fear of God into staying away from there - well, it ranks 39th in total crime in the world with a per capita of slightly less than 13 crimes per 1000 residents that is a 1.3% chance of being a victim of crime in Mexico.

So Mexico is out, Dominican Republic is in, yet the chances of being a crime victim there is greater than in the U.S. and the chances of being a crime victim in the U.S. is greater than in Mexico. But, for our own safety we need to stay out of Mexico.

Have you ever felt like you're being duped but you can't quite put your finger on why - what's the motive? Is it to keep us from facing some bitter truths? We keep reading how crime is down, how safe we are compared to most other parts of the world. But is it true?

So here are some multiple choice questions for you:

1. Which country has a higher crime rate per 1,000 residents?
a. Mexico, b. Germany, c. Canada, d. U.S.

2. Which country has the highest murders with firearms?
a. Mexico, b. El Salvador, c. U.S.

3. Of the following countries, which has the least number of drug offenses?
a. Germany, b. United Kingdom, c. Canada, d. Switzerland, e. Mexico

4. Which country has the most prisoners?
a. United States, b. China, c. Russia, d. India, e. Mexico

(Answers: 1. d. U.S., 2. c. U.S., 3. e. Mexico, 4. a. U.S.- Source:

In one of the only bright spots due to its recent gang related murders, Mexico, on a per capita, ranks as more dangerous than the U.S. occupying No. 24 and Mexico No. 6 in the world, but in total number of murders the U.S. is No. 5 and Mexico No. 6.

In fact, much of the crime data per capita 1000 population suggests that in many respects Mexico is safer than the U.S.: in assaults the U.S. ranks No. 6, Mexico No. 20; burglaries the U.S. No. 17, Mexico No. 34; car thefts U.S. No. 9, Mexico No. 22; fraud U.S. No. 18, Mexico No. 29; Rape (Canada No.5), U.S. No. 9, Mexico No. 17.

No doubt that at the expense of Mexico we are being duped. Is it to hide our insatiable appetite for illicit drugs and cheap labor, and so by pointing the finger of guilt to the biggest supplier of both we exculpate our actions or at minimum pacify our own guilt?

Maybe it's time for "the home of the free, and land of the brave" to take note.

So Pack up the car and head on down to the beach! The weather couldn't be better. Book your BEACH FRONT condo today!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine's Day ~ romantic getaway

Valentine's is a perfect time to indulge in a romantic getaway.
There are many ways to say "I love you".
A romantic dinner for two...a quiet evening with Champaign toasts to love eternal and beautiful romantic music playing in the background... a magical vacation to an exotic location... sending red roses, chocolate and a romantic a gift of heart shaped jewelry... all of these are special ways to tell your special love just how loved they are.

Imagine ........ sailing off to a faraway land on board a romantic cruise ship or whisking your love away to some charming destination of picturesque setting.

Fall in love once again amid the stunning natural setting and in the close comfort of your sweetheart! How about Valentine's day at the beach? Come to Rocky Point, for the most romantic escape, be spontaneous!

Valentine's day presents an ideal opportunity of spicing up your relationship! Spoil your Valentine, treat them to a romantic weekend away.

For Beach side Relaxation, come to Puerto Penasco, or check on Last minute Vacation deals.

Up coming events in Rocky Point / Puerto Penasco, Mexico

Friday, March 4
Where: Rocky Point / Puerto Penasco, Mexico
When: Friday, March 4 from 7:00 am to 10:00 am

Saturday, March 12
Spring Brake 2011
When: Saturday, March 12 from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Thursday, March 17
Semana Santa
Where: Rocky Point / Puerto Penasco
When: Thursday, March 17 from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Look here for more up coming events in Rocky Point / Puerto Penasco Mexico!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sonoran Sun Resort


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Arizonas Beach ~ Sleepy little Fishing village

We just got back from another awesome trip actually quick getaway, sittin on sandy beach watching the dolphins play all day long! The town is quiet, peaceful, the water is crystal clear, the sky is blue. Talk about forgetting the world and gettin intouch with nature!

If you have not been here in a while, you do not know what your missing!

Watching the fishing boats come in and out of the harbor, pelican fishing, seagulls passing by, what is missing? You!

Walmart is being built! It really is, should bring some jobs to the city. Did you hear Donald Trump Jr. gave a vist to the sleepy little place! Looking at some projects!
Mar De Cortez international airport is getting flights in and out of Puerto Penasco!

It's in the 70's life is good, come to Puerto Penasco and relax for a while!

Just in case your wondering about how things are in Rocky Point, I thought I would share this story with you from the AZ Daily Star!

There's been so much negative press lately about the violence in Mexico that I wanted to share the experience that my 13-year-old daughter and I had over Thanksgiving weekend.

We have a tradition of going to Rocky Point and camping on the beach with friends. This year, I was a little nervous because of everything I'd heard, but decided that as long as we traveled during daylight hours, and on a day when a lot of Americans would also be making the trip, it would be OK.

So we headed out, only to have a blowout midway between Sells and Why. That delayed us a couple of hours, but AAA finally arrived and got us back on our way.

So we continued on, crossed the border and headed into Mexico. I know I should have stopped at Sonoyta and picked up a spare, but the car seemed to be driving all right. I figured I'd get it all taken care of once we got to Rocky Point.

The only problem was - we didn't make it.

About halfway there, the former spare went bad. I pulled over; clearly we were in serious trouble now. This was a forlorn and desolate stretch of highway, and I no longer had a spare.

There wasn't time to think about it for long, though, because within about two minutes, a car pulled up behind us. Inside were four kind of rough looking 20-something Mexican men.

For a moment, I wondered if "bad" was about to get a whole lot worse. But no, they got out of the car and started checking to see if their spare might fit.

When that wasn't an option, they asked if I could drive my vehicle the way it was. I was skeptical. The tire was still holding air, but the tread was peeling off like an orange. But what other option was there?

They said they would follow us - and they did. So we limped the last 30 miles into Rocky Point on the shoulder of the road with our good Samaritans following behind with their hazard lights on.

Once we arrived, they got us to a tire shop and made sure everything was under control. Although they never asked for anything, I gladly tipped them for their assistance. They took off, only to stop back by a little later to see if we needed anything else.

It's worth mentioning that in all the time we waited on the side of the road for AAA on the U.S. side, the only person who stopped was a friend who happened to be on his way back, saw us, and turned around to see if he could help.

So much for all the dangerous violence in Mexico. I'm not saying it doesn't exist - in some places, it does. But Mexico is a big country, and Rocky Point is not Ciudad Juarez.

Unfortunately, though, the damage has been done in the minds of most Americans.

The campground (usually filled to capacity over the holiday) was at about a third. The hotel next door had - maybe - 10 cars in the parking lot.

If you are a former Rocky Point aficionado who has been scared away of late, you should know that your friends there are suffering - that waiter who was always so friendly, the girls who braid hair on the beach, and those guys who hawk the shrimp.

When the tourists they depend on don't come, their already-difficult lives become desperate.

And yet, four young men didn't think twice when they saw a stranded woman and her daughter. They stopped to see how they could help.

It would be nice if we could return the favor.

Kitty Williams is vice president of CRIZMAC Art and Cultural Marketplace. E-mail her at

Come back to the Beach! Book your stay now! You know you want to!!

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