Wednesday, October 28, 2009

international airport in Puerto Peñasco

Just out today! "Arizona's Beach" will now be only a short flight away.

A new international airport in Puerto Peñasco — also known as Rocky Point — is to open next week. Initially, there will be service for private and executive flights, and the hope is to have commercial flights to and from Tucson, Phoenix and Hermosillo beginning in January.

The Mar de Cortes International Airport was built by Operadora Aeroportuaria Golfo de Cortes. S.E. de C.V. with an initial investment of $45 million, said Fernando Antillón, airport director.

"This is a terminal that is going to keep growing … according to the demand," said Antillón.

The airport is 20 miles south of Puerto Peñasco and about 60 miles from the U.S. border. Puerto Peñasco is 35 minutes by air from Phoenix and one hour from Los Angeles.

The terminal will be inaugurated next Thursday by Mexico's president, Felipe Calderón, as well as representatives from the tourism industry.

It will be fully operational by 2012, but currently its 1.55-mile concrete runway is capable of handling all types of service and aircraft up to Boeing 757s and similar aircraft, according to airport officials.

Antillón said the next phase of the construction will bring the total investment in the project to nearly $80 million.

The airport is operated by a subsidiary of conglomerate Grupo Vidanta, which is currently building several resort and residential developments in the region. Grupo Vidanta built and operates the Mayan Palace in Rocky Point.

Airport construction started in 2007. At that time, Grupo Vidanta built in six months a provisional airport to accommodate a Mexico-U.S. border governors conference in Puerto Peñasco.

By Mariana Alvarado, Arizona Daily Star

Tucson, Arizona Published: 10.28.2009

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Upcomming Events Rocky Point, Mexico!

November 2009

Classic and luxury motorcycles owners, ride their machines over the streets of the port. A celebration for motorcycles lovers.

Place & Time: Puerto Peñasco, Son. Mex.
Contact Info: (638) 388 0444; 01800 552 2820 when calling from México. From USA dial 602 288 6710 or 1 877 50RALLY

For more information visit:
Book your stay!

Come and enjoy international jazz bands

Place & Time: from 5:00 to 10:00 pm
Contact Info: (638) 388 0444; 01800 552 2820 when calling from México. From USA dial 602 288 6710
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A time when American family enjoy a delicious turkey

Place & Time: USA
Contact Info: N/A
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Culinary competition from different locals

Place & Time: N/A
Contact Info: (638) 102 0275 when calling from México.
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Restaurants from throughout the city will setup food booths, for all who attend this wonderful feast, to sample the best culinary fare of the town

Contact Info: (638) 102 0275 when calling from México.
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December 2009

Inc. New Year´s Eve Banquet: This Charity event benefits the Peñasco Children´s Foundation and will include: Dinner, champagne toast, music, dancing, silent/live auction, raffles and more! Join us for an evening of fun and celebration to benefit the children of Puerto Peñasco.

Contact Info: (638) 383 0700 when calling from México.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

A charming little sea town called Puerto Penasco, that takes your breath away!

You know I love the Beach, grew up at the beach, I came across this article in the Travel Examiner written by Anita Kaltenbaugh, and I just had to share, I have to tell you that I could not have said it better myself.

Who doesn't love an ocean? Nature created this vast entity bigger than all of us, teeming with life and energy to enrich our lives. Something happens to me when I gaze at the water, something wonderful. The closeness of the sea fills my soul with calmness, liberating any stress I may be holding tight inside and energizing my spirit.
Just returning from two weekends in Southern California brought me to the realization that I love all oceans. Waves breaking, blue straight horizons as far as the eye can see and soft sand for walking on and lounging on, relaxing as if the work world stopped and there is not a care in the world as you sit by the water's edge.
Yes, I love all oceans, but after two weekends in Southern California I have a strong urge, deep passion bubbling up inside me to go back to my favorite body of water the Sea of Cortez in Mexico.
Now, many friends and relatives of mine live in Southern Cal so this it not a slam on their beautiful piece of the world. However, this is about urges and withdraws for something you love that rests inside your heart and nothing else can fulfill that place to create an inner feeling of peace and freedom.

Here are 7 reasons why I love the Mexican coastlines more (especially a charming little sea town called Puerto Penasco) over the California beaches.

1. Color of the water- turquoise, blue clear and clean. Warm describes the Sea of Cortez, here 9 months of the year no wet suits. I prefer my water warm, turquoise and full of glittering diamonds.

2. Can we say California traffic?- my experience in the last two weekends, no parking, drive around look for a spot to park, to go just 5 miles in a taxi- $20 cab ride, 20 minute ride in traffic to get anywhere, all day, every day. Sirens? Stayed in a hotel in La Jolla and counted 15 sirens in one night. No offense I like to park next to the beach and carry all the fun beach items 50 feet.

3. Prices- food prices, hotel prices, drink prices. Mexico even with a slower economy is less than half of the prices in Laguna Beach, La Jolla even Pacific Beach. I have credit card receipts to prove the cost difference. In Puerto Penasco you can stay in new condos for less than $100 a night. Does not exist in La Jolla, Laguna or Pacific Beach

4. Travel time from California- load your car up with all your favorite beach toys, bicycles, clothes and coolers and from Phoenix or Tuscon you can be sitting on the beach in less than 4 hours ( that includes unpacking the car and putting your chair in the sand)

5. Beaches are free in Mexico- no $10 car charge, no blocking off of the beach for walking the beach due to a resort hotel, no tags. Open to all. Best thing all the new developments are right on the beach and you can just walk back and forth to your condo or room. Economically hard to beat!

6. Rules and Regulations- Where did all the rules come from? Example of a sign in San Diego on the beach
NO alcohol on beach
NO dogs on beach
NO smoking on Beach
NO fires on beach
NO sleeping on beach
NO vehicle on beach
NO shell picking
In Mexico go to Sandy Beach, take your cooler, your dog, your food, drinks relax and take a nap all for free. Where did all the rules come from?. It must be that inner voice inside my head but I hate to be told what to do when I'm on vacation. Beach combing of washed up shells is an age old pastime. Also, just like the Corona commercials which you know are not shot in California, you too can have a cervaza on the beach in Mexico, staring at blue water.

7. Crowds, packed bars, restaurants- on a Saturday in Pacific beach we went to three different bars to find a place to sit and have a cold beverage. I like crowds as much as the next guy at the right event but sometimes you want to be able to sit down have a drink and enjoy the view without waiting. Walking down Sandy beach with miles of empty beautiful beaches is hard to pass up.
Yes, I love the California surf just as much as the next guy but spending two crowded weekends there sure gave me the Mexico withdrawals. Sorry California friends! Anita Kaltenbaugh

Are you ready to go to Puerto Penasco? Special 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo 7 Days for just 675.00 + tax/fees for a beach front Luxury condo that sleeps up to 6 guests.
Contact to check if your week is still available!

When planning your trip, you do not need to exchange your dollars, they are accepted all over Puerto Penasco, as well as your credit cards. Also you can get your passport card for just 45.00

Daily shuttle service is available from Phoenix airport, and the drive to Puerto Penasco is just 3.5 hours.

Check our list of fun things to do in Puerto Penasco, Mexico.
Life is so much better at the Beach!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point) is a majestic beach resort community located at the base of the Sea of Cortez (Gulf of California), Mexico, and can be found in the same geographical region as Cabo San Lucas. See Photos Here!

So I suppose you want to know what happened on our trip to Rocky Point this month? Yes?

Deep sea Fishing! My freezer is full of fresh caught fish. My son, had 2 fish on his line, 6 times! The Sea of Cortez is healthy! Here is how this works, they pick you up at the resort take you to the fishing boat, you fish, they bait the hooks for you, remove the fish from the hook and at the end of the trip, your fish are fileted for you.
You can see more photos here Talk about service! The people from Santiago's Ocean Services were exceptional!

Well, we had an awesome dinner catered by Chef Mickey Medina, Winner of the 2009 Iron Chef Contest, on the penthouse patio at the Sonoran Sun Resort it was truly a delight!

Chef Mickey will also prepare your catch of the day for you, “ You kill it, I’ll grill it!” He has a reasonable price for his talent and services and has provided them for some of our guests at the Sonoran Sun Resort already.
$50 for parties of 1-4 plus food and gratuity
$100 for parties of 5-8 plus food and gratuity
$150 for parties of 9-12 plus food and gratuity

This is a BIG weekend in Rocky Point! See all event details here!

What's happening at the Sun?

Friday, 8:00pm until 10:00 Come and Salsa dance in the Patio. Bring the drinks of your choice to keep you cooled down

Saturday We are planning on volleyball on the beach, Horse shoes, Football and Soccer (tide and weather permitting). Guards will have those play items available at the gates by the east pool/Jacuzzi area Don’t have a team? Meet some new friends and voila! Instant team.
7:15 pm-10:00 Parrott Mafia Concert, tickets available at the door. $25.00 Please check on posters in elevators on price at the door.

Sunday, volleyball on the beach, Horse shoes, Football and Soccer (tide and weather permitting), with all you new and old friends ~ 8:00 pm PG rated movie by the pool for everyone’s enjoyment

There is still time to Book your getaway for this weekend, at the Sonoran Sun and other Sandy Beach Resorts! Daily Shuttle Service is available from Phoenix Airport!

UPCOMING HOLIDAYS Thanksgiving Weekend - Nov. 25, 26, 27, 28

After three years of legal battles the Mexican Secretary of the Environment determined that the Sandy Beach Resorts Marina, between Sandy Beach and La Cholla, could not be authorized to continue. read more....

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